Wood Dale, IL- March 18, 2010 – SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO) Biomedical and Environmental Solutions Division announces its upgraded line of V.I.P. ™ Ultralow Temperature Freezers with improved compressor and cooling systems, providing significant energy savings. The MDF-U74VC, MDF-U54VC, and MDF-U53VA feature an improved SANYO refrigeration system that is designed to deliver high performance cooling with utmost storage space and improved usability. SANYO V.I.P.™ ultra-low freezers represent the industry’s most complete combination of refrigeration, control, alarm, monitoring and accessibility for product safety at -86°C. Ideal for material storage in medical research facilities, repositories, hospitals, and clinics, the V.I.P.™ Series significantly reduces energy consumption while performing at maximum levels of efficiency. Designed for long-term preservation of biologicals, the V.I.P.™ Series offers maximum storage volume in the smallest possible footprint for long-term storage of stem cells, cord blood, T-cells, engineered tissue, organ/tissue, vaccines, bone marrow, hybridomas, lymphocytes, cancer cells, clinical specimens, fibroblasts and other life science samples.

“The New V.I.P.™ Series provides our customers lower per-unit storage costs and demonstrates our dedication to providing the best possible laboratory equipment for research and clinical needs,” said Matt Siebert, Product Development and Sourcing Manager, Biomedical and Environmental Solutions Division.

Improved Compressor and Cascade Cooling System SANYO’s Cool Safe™ ultra-low temperature compressors are balanced to decrease component stress, increase system longevity and reliability, and improve temperature uniformity necessary for better cell viability regardless of where the specimen is stored within the chamber.

Patented V.I.P.™ Insulation
The SANYO Patented V.I.P.™ Vacuum Insulation Panel thin wall composite is a high-efficiency design that yields more interior storage volume than a conventional freezer footprint. The V.I.P.™ minimizes energy transfer to and from the ultra-low temperature interior, while maximizing sample
storage space.

More Energy Efficient than Ever
Because modern laboratories are energy-intensive, SANYO has developed a corporate-wide energy
savings and environmental impact approach to new product development. V.I.P.™ Series freezers offer
significant energy savings through a balance of refrigeration power, cabinet construction and intelligent
control over all functions.

To learn more about the new products, visit our interactive guide at greenfreezers.com.