TTP LabTech announced the exciting launch of Mirrorball™, a new high sensitivity laser scanning microplate cytometer for antibody discovery. Developed by an in-house team of leading experts, Mirrorball is set to fill a critical role in the antibody discovery process by rapidly and reliably performing mix-and–read, cell- or bead-based assays. In essence, this instrument offers a simple and easy solution to automated hybridoma screening and will not require the reworking of existing protocols.

Dr Jas Sanghera, Commercial Director of TTP LabTech commented, “TTP LabTech has been pioneering laser scanning cytometry since the launch of ChemScan in 1994, Acumen Explorer in 2000, and the triple laser Acumen eX3 in 2006. The introduction of Mirrorball maintains our unique position in this market and will revolutionise the antibody discovery process.”

Mirrorball addresses one of the currently unmet needs of laser scanning instrumentation – that of high sensitivity – with its proprietary high performance, low-loss optics. Mirrorball is also the first laser scanning microplate cytometer to offer simultaneous laser scanning. This will enable superior multiplexing resulting in higher throughput single pass scanning. This instrument is available in three upgradeable configurations; the highest specification will offer dual laser excitation (488 nm and 640 nm), four fluorescence data channels and a single laser scatter channel. Mirrorball’s laser scatter channel enables label-free object recognition independent of fluorescence, which can be combined with concurrent collection of fluorescence data for even greater sensitivity in multiplexed assays.

Dr Wayne Bowen, Chief Scientific Officer at TTP LabTech, explained the strategy behind the new development. “Mirrorball is TTP LabTech’s response to requests for novel technologies in antibody discovery. We’ve listened, developed and now delivered a high sensitivity microplate cytometer for fluorescence cellular screening.”