Introduction of the epMotion® 5075 NGS solution for automated library preparation

The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparation process is labor-intensive, requiring experience and attention to detail over hours. Eppendorf is introducing a complete package of epMotion 5075 automated liquid handling workstation with all required accessories, a broad range of vendor specific pre-developed & qualified methods, advantageous consumables and related service products that are tailored for the automation of the NGS library preparation to increase the efficiency and ease of use in your lab. The epMotion 5075 NGS solution comes with a new set of software features that was specifically developed for NGS customer needs, like intelligent selection of single and 8-channel dispensing tools, flexible number of samples, reduced dead-volume, more worktable capacity due to improved labware stacking, email notification and more, and of course include Eppendorf DNA LoBind consumables in this starter package.

“With the new solution package and features our epMotion 5075t NGS system will be positioned as the preferred solution for small to medium sample throughput with maximum flexibility for varying daily sample numbers and highest flexibility for a vast list of NGS library preparation kit methods to automate” said Dr. Jochen Mueller-Ibeler, Head of Business Unit Automated Liquid Handling at Eppendorf.