26 May 2010: Malvern, UK: As battery developers and manufacturers strive to combine even greater power storage and output into lightweight, fast-charging products, the Mastersizer 2000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer from Malvern Instruments is proving valuable in characterizing the materials used to make electrodes.

The particle size distribution of battery electrode materials influences the rate of electrochemical reaction within the cell, having an effect on both the power density and storage capacity of the finished product. With its unique optical setup, the Mastersizer 2000 allows comprehensive characterization of the mixtures of nanometre and micron sized particles often used in electrode production. The resulting data inform electrode design, ultimately influencing the battery’s final performance.

Fast, accurate and having a dynamic range of 0.2 to 2000 microns, the Mastersizer 2000 comfortably covers those sizes of interest for battery production. Consistent sensitivity across this range ensures accurate measurement of each size fraction, especially important when analyzing polydisperse materials.

To download an application note describing experimental details of the Mastersizer 2000 used to measure various electrode materials visit www.malvern.com/common/downloads/campaign/MRK1412-01.pdf