F-2700 - The New Fluorescence Spectrophotometer for HITACHI

Stand-alone or PC control: You have a choice. With its enormous sensitivity, wide dynamic range and the extensive accessories program met all the requirements that can be made on a routine instrument of this class.

The F-2700 solves the many years produced from F-2500, which convinced its users with quality, reliability and performance. Hitachi High-Tech bolstered by an F-2700 once again its leading position as a manufacturer of fluorescent spectrophotometers on the world market.

The F-2700 is the world's only 2.5 nm spectrofluorometer, which was well-alone can be operated. The operation using the integrated keypad with cell phone analog keyboard layout with main menu on the display is simple and easy to learn. For higher demands for comfort and data analysis, is the proven FL Solutions software for the PC. This will also fast 3D scans with recording speeds of up to 12,000 nm / min are possible.

The sensitivity could also be further improved significantly: the signal to noise ratio at the Raman peak of water is now at least 800 (RMS, nm 5 column). This makes for a fluorescein detection limit of 5 pmol / l reached. The wide dynamic range allows determination of concentration over 6 orders of magnitude with a calibration curve.

The wide range of accessories, which uses almost no limit is set. A more recently and more often requiring the application is to determine the fluorescence yield of solids. Hitachi has a special accessory for integration with ball and analysis software developed. This correct fluorescence yields can be determined, but is also a spectral correction of the spectra is required. The F-2700 may therefore both anregungsseitig and emissionseitig the entire wavelength range from 220 to 800 nm spectral be corrected.