LC System Troubleshooting

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LC System Troubleshooting:

  • PART 1 - TUESDAY, May 22
    A Novel Structured Approach to LC System Troubleshooting with Examples
  • PART 2 - TUESDAY, June 5
    Review of a Novel Structured Appraoch to LC System Troubleshooting with Additional Examples
  • PART 3 - TUESDAY, June 19
    Additional Examples of a Novel Structured Approach to LC System Troubleshooting with a Focus on Vials

Each session runs from 1:30pm - 2:30pm EDT
(12:30pm CDT11:30am MDT10:30am PDT)

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Chromatographic systems, while robust, eventually stop working.  Break down can be gradual or sudden and results in lost performance or functionality.  When this happens, an analyst can troubleshoot and attempt to fix the failure.  However, troubleshooting can often be challenging, especially for novice chromatographers.  A good troubleshooting guide can help the analyst diagnose and fix LC system failures and thereby reduce downtime.

In this three part series of webinars, a novel structured framework for LC system troubleshooting will be introduced and demonstrated. A step-by-step walkthrough of the new approach, with guided examples will be presented during the first webinar. The second webinar will recap the troubleshooting approach and provide additional examples. The final webinar will once again review the troubleshooting framework and give further examples including the impact that vials can have on a chromatographic system. Over the course of the webinar series, a total of 18 system failures will be examined using the new framework.

Presenter for Parts 1 & 3:

Presenter for Part 2:


Kenneth D. Berthelette
Scientist II, 
Chemistry R&D
Waters Corporation


Thomas Swann, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, 
Chemistry R&D
Waters Corporation

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