Affordable UV-Vis spectroscopy to suit your application needs

03 June 2010: Cambridge, UK: Global scientific instrument manufacturer Biochrom now offers high performance, double beam and variable bandwidth UV-Vis spectrophotometers as part of the popular Biochrom Libra range. Application-led design with colour touch screens and USB data port means each new Biochrom Libra instrument can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of academic, research, or industry applications.

Now available through the company’s international network of sales organisations and specialist distributors, the new range includes: the Biochrom Libra S50, a robust, split beam workhorse; the Biochrom Libra S60, a multi-user, double beam spectrophotometer; the Biochrom Libra S70, a 1 nm bandwidth double beam system ideal for routine pharmaceutical applications; and, the Biochrom Libra S80, a high performance variable bandwidth double beam instrument that meets both the regulatory and budget-conscious demands of even the most tightly controlled laboratory.

Biochrom Libra includes powerful application-based software for all stand-alone and PC controlled instruments. Stand-alone instruments feature a full suite of standard applications including single wavelength, wavelength scanning, standard curves, kinetics and life science protocols. Data can be stored on the instrument or USB drive and manipulated post run using the Trace Manager function. Biochrom’s new Equation Editor allows users to programme specific methods that include calculations based on measured data.

A groundbreaking modular PC package – Resolution – provides the ultimate flexibility in control and data handling. ‘Quick Read’ and ‘Quick Scan’ options make routine operation fast and straightforward whilst a powerful Method Developer allows complex scanning, kinetic and quantitative protocols to be created and run. System qualification, pharmacopeia requirements and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance are all supported.

Biochrom Libra hardware innovations include a large colour touch screen, USB connection, optional integrated Bluetooth for data transfer and an optional built in printer. A growing range of optional accessories completes the application-specific flexibility of this range. A new web-based navigation tool
( is available to help guide purchasers towards the optimum system for their specific needs.