(Dubuque, IA) June 24, 2010 — LabStrong Corporation is happy to introduce, two new innovative products to accompany its Fi-Streem line of glass distillation systems. Although it has only been a month since LabStrong Corporation became the exclusive distributor of Fi-Streem distillation products in North America, they have been working diligently to meet the product requests of their consumers.

LabStrong responded to these requests and delivered. LabStrong now offers a large and economically priced forty liter storage tank equipped with fully automatic operation when it is connected to the Fi-Streem stills. Additionally, it has a vent filter preventing airborne contamination, a sight glass for observation of the water level as well as bench or wall mounting options.

The LabStrong pre-treatment cartridge is a lower cost alternative ideal for producing treated feed water to the Fi-Streem line of stills. The cartridge contains ion exchange resin that removes ionic contaminant from feedwater and it incorporates a filter to remove particulates. Water purity is easily indicated by resin color change that can be viewed at the two windows built into the casing. There is a wall mounting system available. The system includes hose fittings, a flow valve and a wall bracket.

These new products deliver on LabStrong’s promise to design and manufacture lab equipment by providing our customers with immediate, reliable, customized products they need to effectively purify their water.

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