The CentriVap -105°C Cold Trap collects evaporated liquid from a CentriVap® Vacuum Concentrator, protecting an accessory vacuum pump from very low freezing point liquids. Exclusive features include a brushed, stainless steel and glacier white, epoxy-coated steel exterior and a temperature graph that illuminates green when the collector coil reaches the operating temperature of -65° C. Another feature is the HCFC-free refrigeration system with two 1/3 hp compressors that lowers the cold trap to -105° C (-157° F) in less than 40 minutes. Also included is a four-liter, stainless steel collector, an acrylic lid with two Quick-Disconnect fittings for connection to a CentriVap Concentrator and a stainless steel drain port with a corrosion-resistant, nylon valve.

The Cold Traps may also be used in other laboratory applications such as freeze drying and dessication.