Lab Armor™ is introducing the new Bead Bath™, a waterless alternative to contamination-prone traditional laboratory water baths. The waterless Bead Bath is designed from the ground up, delivering exceptional temperature uniformity while eliminating a major source of contamination in laboratories, WATER.

The Bead Bath is always on, ready for the next experiment, so scientists don’t have to plan around warm-up times. There is also no burn-out risk because there is no water to evaporate. The Bead Bath keeps samples organized, naturally holding vessels in place without the need for racks, floats and bottleneck weights.

Vessels that can be used with the Bead Bath are not limited to water-tight containers. Scientists can safely incubate multi-well plates, petri dishes, and open-top samples at any angle.

Traditional water baths must be routinely monitored, cleaned, refilled and maintained with harmful germicides. The Bead Bath is practically maintenance free, providing scientists with more time for science.

In addition, Lab Armor Beads can be used to replace water in existing water baths, aluminum blocks in dry baths and even ice in ice buckets. These innovative beads can also be used in containers placed in ovens and incubators to replace sample racks.

The Lab Armor Bead Bath’s thermal uniformity is: 37°C ±0.5°C and 65°C ±1.0°C with a temperature range of 5°C above ambient to 80°C. Lab Armor Beads support a wide temperature range of -100°C to +400°C in laboratory equipment.

Lab Armor has a video demonstration available on their website which dramatically illustrates the features and benefits of Lab Armor Beads. Go to to view the video. For complete information on the Lab Armor product line call, email or visit the website.