Erlab, Inc. is joining up with The Laboratory Safety Institute to present the "Safe Labs can be Green Labs" conference; a series of four, day-long conferences in different locations: Gainesville, Fl; Atlanta, GA; Raleigh, NC; Boston, MA. September 14 through September 17.

Each conference will feature notable speakers from the Lab Design Industry and Environmental Health and Safety community. The presenters will come together to educate the lab community on green trends and safety issues, and how the two really CAN coexist in the same lab...without breaking the bank. Please click here for more information.

Daily Presentations:

Lab Safety: Choices, Ventilation and the OSHA Lab Standard
Dr. James Kaufman, The Laboratory Safety Institute

Fume Hoods / Quantum Leaps
Jon Zboralski, Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Science Supporting GreenFumeHood®: Molecular Adsorption Explained
Dr. Cedric Herry, Erlab

Strategies for Approaching a Net Zero Carbon Footprint Lab Building
James Blount, AIA LEED AP, Ellenzweig

A Realistic Vision of the Lab of the Future Beyond 21st Century Design: Identifying, Then Connecting the Right Dots
Clay Stafford, H.E.R.A Inc.

ASHRAE 110 and Containment Testing as Applied to Filtered Hoods
Tom Smith, Exposure Control Technologies

Save Energy and Cut your Carbon Footprint with Demand-Based Control of Lab Flow
Tom Kolsun and David Belleville, Aircuity, Inc.

Moderated by: Karl Aveard, Erlab, Inc.

The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) provides advice on regulatory compliance, safety program development, facilities design, editorial commentary on laboratory texts, and expert witness testimony. They also conduct seminars, short courses, audits and inspections for schools, colleges, and companies.