Riverview, FL, August 2010…

Metrohm presents tiamo® 2.2, the newest version of the leading software for titration and more. tiamo 2.2 now supports thermometric titrations allowing practically any titrator to run in your lab!

New methods can be drawn up quick and easy by using the new graphical editor’s numerous templates. Just a few mouse clicks allows existing methods to be customized for particular users’ needs.

Operation and control of the 859 Titrotherm in tiamo 2.2 opens a wide range of new applications based on thermometric titration. tiamo 2.2 enables the most efficient use of automated titration systems because of the new commands implemented in the software – one same sample changer may be shared by two or more different working stations. For convenience, one sample can be titrated while the next one is already being prepared and while another measurement performed. These new innovations save time and increase sample throughput.

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