Thermo Scientific Heratherm Incubators: Safe – Easy – Efficient

ASHEVILLE, N.C., (January 10, 2011) – Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today introduced its new Thermo Scientific Heratherm microbiological incubators, available in three different models: General Protocol, Advanced Protocol and Advanced Protocol Security. Each unit is available in 60-, 100- and 180-liter sizes and combines superior sample protection, ease of use, efficiency and an inner glass door that maintains temperature uniformity. The user-friendly units feature a small footprint, making them stackable without the use of tools, an easy-to-clean rounded interior, and an intuitive display. .In addition, a compact 18-liter model incorporates Peltier technology to provide temperature conditions around or below ambient for space-restricted labs.

With a stainless steel interior, the Heratherm™ General Protocol incubators use gravity convection to provide superior temperature uniformity, ranging from 5° C above ambient to 75° C. A unique airflow design, advanced microprocessor control and an automatic over temperature alarm ensure that an optimal temperature environment is maintained. Operating from 5° C above ambient to 105° C, the Heratherm Advanced Protocol incubators are equipped with unique, dual convection. This new technology allows flexible fan speed setting from 0 to 100 percent for application versatility. The digital timer provides weekly, hourly or real-time on/off cycles. An internal socket allows the use of equipment such as shakers and stirrers within the unit.

Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security incubators incorporate an over and under temperature alarm, as well as a lockable, alarmed door. The independently certified 140° C decontamination cycle provides additional peace of mind. An optional stainless steel exterior provides the clinical look and feel desired by pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories. For further information, or to view the product video, please visit

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