BUCHI Corporation announces its new F-series line of recirculating chillers, featuring reduced energy consumption and heat emission through full evaporation system integration. The F-series recirculating chillers can be part of a fully integrated evaporation process

BUCHI Corporation, a leading provider of integrated lab-scale evaporation solutions and robust industrial evaporation equipment, is proud to announce the launch of an all new line of five recirculating chillers designed to work seamlessly with a rotary evaporator and vacuum controller.

The F-series chillers provide the final step to a fully integrated evaporation or distillation process. This new line of recirculating chillers, which connect to the rotary evaporator and can be controlled from the evaporation system’s vacuum controller, includes:

> F-100 – an entry level model which offers an attractive alternative to chilling with tap water
> F-105 – smart control through vacuum controller with a cooling capacity of 500W at 15ºC for use with a single rotary evaporator
> F-108 – smart control through vacuum controller over a range of -10ºC to +25ºC with a cooling capacity of 800W at 15ºC
> F-114 – smart control through vacuum controller over a range of -10ºC to +25ºC with a cooling capacity of 1400W at 15ºC
> F-125 – a powerful industrial chiller with a cooling capacity of 2500W at 15ºC and an integrated trolley for use with the Rotavapor® R-220 SE industrial rotary evaporator

“Recirculating chillers that are not fully integrated with the entire evaporation system waste a lot of energy and generate heat between the distillation runs because they do not shut off automatically,” remarked Michael Stern, Director of Marketing at BUCHI Corporation. “Buchi’s new F-series chillers actively save energy and reduce heat emissions when integrated with Buchi rotary evaporators and Buchi vacuum controllers“, he added.

In addition to their use with rotary evaporators, these new recirculating chillers are well suited for cooling applications with Buchi’s parallel evaporation, solvent extraction, and automated Kjeldahl products.

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