[i]PROMOTING ‘GREEN’ OPERATIONS[/i] [url=https://www.labwrench.com/?equipment.view/equipmentNo/1721/KNF-Neuberger/LABOPORT--Filtration-Series/]KNF LABOPORT® Filtration Series[/url] diaphragm pumps provide ideal solutions for a wide range of applications in the lab, including flask filtration, vacuum blotting, vacuum manifold, and vacuum desiccation. These lightweight, easy-to-use, and quiet pumps notably promote “green” operations by performing cleanly without pump oil, conserving water by eliminating water aspirators, supplying consistent vacuum levels, and eliminating any potential for solvent-contaminated waste generated by oil-type pumps and water aspirators. KNF LABOPORT pumps additionally benefit from patented multi-port valves, which increase performance and can tolerate occasional liquid condensate drawn into the system without incurring damage. Pump heads integrate corrosion-resistant wetted parts for added protection and longer service life. The heavy-duty, all ball-bearing motor is lubricated for life. This series of pumps is available in various models offering practical alternatives to oil-lubricated pumps, water aspirators, piston pumps, and house vacuum. The pumps can achieve flow rates from 5.5 L/min to 37 L/min and vacuum from 15 Torr (29.3 in. Hg) to 120 Torr (25.2 in. Hg), depending on version. All pumps are compact, lightweight (from 1.9 kg to 4.0 kg), occupy minimal bench top space anywhere in the lab, and are virtually maintenance free. An optional high-quality, dampened vacuum gauge and vacuum regulator valve assembly provide smooth vacuum control.