January 2011

Automatic Sample Fusion for XRF Analysis

Sample preparation by the fused bead technique is widely accepted as giving better precision and accuracy than most other techniques when analysing minerals, ceramics and similar samples by XRF. The Vulcan fusion system from Fluxana GmbH, distributed in the UK by Analysco Ltd of Chipping Norton (Oxon) uses automatic fusion control to achieve better sample uniformity and repeatability.

The Vulcan MA comes in several different versions. The basic XRF version has 2, 4 or 6 fusion stations, with automatically controlled flame temperatures under microprocessor control, and the facility to store up to ten different melting programmes. Stable flame temperatures and simplicity of operation ensure good sample-to-sample repeatability. Controlled temperature ramping is also possible. Other configurations are designed for sample preparation for ICP or AAS, or even a mixture of XRF and ICP or AAS, and it is possible to combine the Vulcan with a dedicated fume extraction system to provide an integrated sample preparation workstation.