FEBRUARY 1st, 2011

DrySyn® multi-position heating block gets a great reaction!

The DrySyn MULTI-M from Asynt converts any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction block for three flasks or up to 12 vials. Providing excellent heating and stirring performance but without the high risk of fire and toxic fumes from an oil bath, DrySyn heating blocks help laboratories create a safer, cleaner and more efficient working environment.

Made of chemically resistant, 100% recyclable anodized aluminium, DrySyn heating blocks offer excellent heating performance to over 300ºC and can heat a reaction flask 25 per cent faster than an oil bath. With a choice of inserts for the standard base, the DrySyn MULTI-M gives the flexibility to heat a single round-bottomed 500 ml flask in the central position, or any combination of three flasks from 5 ml to 250 ml, or as many as 12 reactions in vials or tubes. The ingenious three-way MULTI clamps make it quick and easy to secure flasks in place, while DrySyn’s shallow well shape increases reaction visibility and minimises the possibility of glass fractures.

Designed with a small footprint and full compatibility with magnetic stirring, DrySyn MULTI-M blocks conveniently replace dangerous oil baths in the chemistry laboratory and also offer an excellent alternative to heating mantles. Mantles not only pose a potential fire hazard with flammable solvents but, because a different unit must be used for each flask size, they are considerably more expensive.

DrySyn’s combination of safety and economy has made the concept particularly popular in teaching laboratories, where a single compact reaction station can provide heating facilities for several students. The DrySyn MULTI concept also offers significant versatility for the pharmaceutical or process chemist.