With Intravital2P, TILL Photonics is introducing an upright imaging platform which is specifically designed to meet the demands for functional in vivo or intravital imaging in live animals. The ultra-compact and flexible platform concepts offers a complete solution for two photon imaging with multiple fluorescent dyes to observe dynamic processes deep inside living tissue.

Unmatched collection efficiency in two channels simultaneously
The Intravital2P features a non-descanned detection scheme based on two high-sensitive GaAsP PMTS with equivalent collection efficiency. Its optimized dual-detection beam path guarantees highest emission collection efficiency in both channels and gives scientists the opportunity to capture images with enhanced signal-to-noise ratios. A motorized slider with 3 filter stes provides a high level of flexibility in the choice of dyes. This means that users can combine up to 6 color channels for two-photon imaging

High-speed 3D imaging
Thanks to TILL`s unique focus drive based on voice-coil (a closed-loop linear motor) technology , 3D image stacks of the samples can be acquired with previously unattained volume and speed. The outstanding properties of the focus drive provide excursions of 7.5mm with 50nm resolution. Thus, scientists can exploit the whole working distance of the objective lens for high-speed 3D imaging with uncompromised accuracy.