17 March 2011; Cambridge, UK: Renowned instrument manufacturer, Biochrom Ltd (Cambridge, UK), has launched the new EZ Read 400 microplate reader through its international network of distributors. Customers can now benefit from the cost-effective and easy to use instrument. Offering flexibility and full performance with no redundant features, the filter-based, PC-controlled EZ Read 400 can be tailored to suit application requirements.

The ability to perform single or dual wavelength measurements to incorporate reference wavelength readings, and the option to do so at timed-intervals, means the EZ Read 400 is ideal for ELISA, protein, cell biology and kinetic assays. Designed to take up the minimum of bench space, and incorporating ADAP Basic PC software and USB connections for easy instrument connection and data transfer, the new EZ Read 400 can be configured with a choice of:

  • Filter options within a wavelength range of 400-750 nm
  • Choice of data analysis software packages
  • QC plate for instrument validation