[b](Dubuque, IA) March 21, 2011[/b]—[url=https://www.labwrench.com/?manufacturer.view/manufacturerNo/1024/LabStrong/]LabStrong Corporation[/url] has released the next innovation in shakers – the [url=http://www.labwrench.com/?equipment.view/equipmentNo/9631/LabStrong/Helix-250/]Helix 250[/url] Orbital Shaker. This new generation orbital shaker incorporates a rugged drive mechanism, intuitive operation and new tool-free clamp system. “The response from the test market has been astounding,” explained Mark Lockwood, President of LabStrong, “Every trial site has asked to keep their test driven unit!” This open air shaker is designed for biological, chemical, liquid mixing and cell cultivation in a variety of laboratory settings. The LabStrong Helix 250 is an easy-to-use orbital shaker designed for shaking various laboratory vessels. The shaker utilizes active feedback control and is driven by a long lasting brushless DC motor. This combination provides quiet operation and constant shaking speed independent of the load or input power fluctuations. The shaker is controlled easily through an intuitive operator interface panel situated on the front of the unit. For convenient run cycle monitoring the set speed, actual speed, and time are displayed simultaneously on a LCD display. The shaker is equipped with a patent pending MST™ (Movement Sensor Target) that prevents the shaker from ‘walking’. The most ground-breaking feature is the patent pending tool-free EZ-Clamp™ system. Now flask clamps and test tube racks can be placed or reconfigured whenever desired. No more searching for the right tool, missing fasteners or a compatible platform. The flask is firmly held in place by rollers and a soft molded base, preventing screeching of glass flasks against hardened steel. The EZ-Clamp system conveniently stacks together saving valuable laboratory storage space. With compact storage and quick clamp placement, gone are the days of dedicated platforms cluttering the lab. The Helix also offers a non-slip mat to place containers directly onto the shaker for low speed mixing.