Stratedigm announces the release of its 4 laser/14 color flow cytometry analyzer. This platform complements the company's other 2 flow cytometers the SE500 and S1000.

Stratedigm announces the start of the commercial shipment of its S1000Ex flow cytometers. The “Ex” upgrade is based on Stratedigm’s most advanced technology to date. It uses the company’s patent pending Smart DetectTM architecture to enable the simultaneous detection of up to 14 colors. The Ex upgrade is compatible with any of Stratedigm’s S1000 analyzers. Stratedigm’s Smart DetectTMtechnology represents one of the biggest advances in the field of flow cytometry in the past two decades. It enables the use of a single integrated PMT/electronics module for the detection of multiple flours with similar emissions wave lengths, but different excitation lasers. This new paradigm in optical detection will provide the cytometry market with multi-color analyzers capable of enhanced performance at lower prices than conventional products. With the release of the S1000Ex, “Stratedigm will focus its product development efforts on completing its line of automation platforms scheduled to hit the market later this year” noted Shervin Javadi, Stratedigm’s CEO.