AUSTIN, Texas (March 24, 2011)Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced an innovative new method for the detection and absolute quantification of metabolites based on the Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum XLS in multiple reaction mode (MRM). Using this advanced triple stage quadrupole GC-MS/MS-MRM technology, scientists are now able to conduct both discovery phase analysis and selective identification and quantification analysis with a single instrument. The high sensitivity and selectivity of the method enables scientists to effectively study plant metabolism and perform phytohormone profiling.

Success in metabolomics, a relatively new area of study that observes the unique chemical fingerprints that cellular processes leave behind, is heavily influenced by the capabilities of analytical instrumentation. This is largely due to the physio-chemical diversity of biological small molecules. Varied and flexible analytical strategies such as GC-MS, LC-MS & MS/MS are therefore essential and often need to be combined. Analysis of low concentration endogenous metabolites in complex biological samples is often challenging due to the chromatographic co-elution of different components. The use of LC or GC-MS/MS strategies is necessary to improve the selectivity of targeted metabolomics assays.

The TSQ Quantum XLS extends the market-leading range of Thermo Scientific mass spectrometry solutions for metabolomics applications, delivering the necessary mass accuracy, resolution and speed required to provide sensitive, high quality quantitation in metabolomics studies. The ability to use a single instrument when performing both the screening and quantitation of metabolites not only accelerates the process, thereby increasing throughput, but also provides optimized reproducibility in fragmentation pattern, peak intensities and mass accuracies. In addition, compounds which typically cannot be separated through gas chromatography can be separated using compound-specific MRM transitions in a single run.

The TSQ Quantum XLS features the innovative Thermo Scientific DuraBrite IRIS ion source, which ensures high sensitivity in the low femtogram range, excellent quantitative precision at trace levels and uninterrupted operation for increased productivity. In addition to offering maximum precision, sensitivity and laboratory productivity for quantitative GC-MS analysis, the TSQ Quantum XLS offers the unique ability to combine full scan MS analyses of metabolites and targeted analysis. Using the TSQ Quantum XLS, metabolome coverage can be achieved with accurate and selective identification and quantification, while achieving high sample throughput.