Versatile GC inlet System Incorporates Five Thermal Techniques

Antioch, CA (March 14, 2011) - Frontier Laboratories Ltd., the leading manufacturer of pyrolyzer instrument systems for materials characterization and analysis, will introduce the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer EGA/PY-3030D at Pittcon 2011. This fourth-generation, multi-functional GC inlet can chemically characterize most liquids and solids. The new Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer offers a choice of six analytical techniques: evolved gas analysis (EGA), thermal desorption (TD), reactive pyrolysis (RxPY), single-shot pyrolysis (Py), multi-shot thermal desorption/pyrolysis and heart cutting (HC-EGA). The Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer is an attractive alternative to solvent-based chemical extraction methods, which take much longer and require reagents.

Evolved gas analysis provides a thermal profile of the sample, showing its complexity and the presence or absence of target compounds. In thermal desorption analysis, compounds of interest are desorbed as a function of their boiling points and then cold-trapped at the head of the column prior to GC analysis. Pyrolysis, used for macromolecular and other nonvolatile materials, uses virtually instantaneous exposure to high temperature, which breaks chemical bonds, producing pyrolyzates that are chromatographically separated. The unique Frontier "multi-shot" technique isolates thermal segments of the sample. Each segment is analyzed independently. Heart-cut-EGA GC/MS analysis uses the EGA thermogram to profile sample components; thermal zones of interest are analyzed independently. Frontier guarantees that the data reproducibility will fall within the tightest standards in the industry.

Frontier Pyrolyzers are used to isolate and analyze a wide range of materials including polymers, paints, coatings, inks, fibers, plastics and wood. Frontier's F-Search Polymer Identification software uses a patent search algorithm and includes four MS libraries. The Polymer library matches an unknown using the entire peak profile of the pyrogram, while the pyrolyzates library searches and matches individual compounds. The EGA library compares the EGA thermogram of the unknown with those in the library. The additives library contains the mass spectra of over 360 additives commonly used in the polymer industry.

A full range of accessories adds flexibility to the Pyrolyzer system. These include a carrier gas selector, an auto-shot sampler that can accommodate up to 48 samples, a selective sampler that can automatically vent sample fractions, a µ-jet cryo trap, a micro-high-pressure reaction sampler, a thermal desorption sampler, a UV-irradiator, Ultra-ALLOY separation columns and a vent-free GC/MS adapter.

2011 is the first year in which Japan-based Frontier will participate at Pittcon. Frontier's new EGA/PY-3030D pyrolyzer will also be featured by Quantum Analytics and Shimadzu Scientific Instruments at this year's Pittsburgh Conference.