SANYO’s MCO-19M multi-gas incubator provides extremely accurate control of O2 and CO2 levels combined with precisely regulated temperature. By achieving a stable, uniform culturing environment the new incubator ensures ideal growth conditions and excellent reproducibility of experimental results. The MCO-19M also introduces the option of a unique Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination system which, for the first time, enables full decontamination and incubator cleaning to be completed in less than a morning. All in all, the MCO-19M is an ideal tool for even the most highly regulated or sensitive applications.

Incorporating SANYO’s proprietary single-beam, dual detector infrared CO2 sensor, the MCO-19M incubator delivers precise CO2 control and continuous zero calibration. The solid state CO2 sensor is not affected by humidity or temperature changes and has no moving parts, so reliability is improved. O2 is measured using a solid state zirconium sensor. Sub-ambient O2 levels can be maintained from 1% to 18% and enriched levels from 22% to 80%, simultaneously with a CO2 range from 0% to 20%. This gives the MCO-19M great flexibility for use in a wide range of cell culture applications. A sophisticated PID microprocessor provides accurate control of CO2 and O2 levels, ensuring rapid recovery without overshoot after frequent door openings making it suitable for even the busiest laboratories.

The MCO-19M incubator utilises SANYO’s patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket conditioning system. With multiple heating zones under microprocessor control, the temperature throughout the chamber is precisely regulated. Users can therefore rely on getting the same results from every shelf.

Contamination prevention is another area where this new multi-gas incubator excels. The InCu saFe® copper-enriched stainless steel interior continuously inhibits growth of moulds, fungi, mycoplasma and bacteria. With the optional patented SafeCell™ UV system, airborne and water contaminants are eliminated without harming cell cultures.

The unique SANYO Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination system option is fully verified, making it suitable for use in all laboratories, especially those operating to GMP/GLP. With no need to remove or replace, then reinstate critical incubator components, this high-speed vaporised H2O2 process takes less than three hours including the initial cleaning – an industry first.

Other features of the MCO-19M include an automatic gas switchover system that changes from the primary to a secondary gas cylinder for either oxygen or nitrogen, and an optional secondary gas switchover system for CO2, ensuring continuity of supply. There is also a newly-designed multiple glass inner door system which makes it unnecessary for the door to be fully opened when removing cell cultures. This helps the conditions on other shelves remain more uniform and aids rapid recovery of the optimal culturing environment.

The new model joins SANYO’s highly successful portfolio of cell culture incubators designed for a range of budgets and applications. Combining new standards of control of the culturing environment with active contamination prevention and the fastest available total decontamination technology, the MCO-19M multi-gas incubator is the ideal tool for life science, clinical and pharmaceutical research. It is also particularly well-suited to highly regulated healthcare applications such as IVF and regenerative medicine.