(Dubuque, IA) April 5, 2011—Laboratory professionals have been waiting patiently for an orbital shaker that can be used within an incubator without disturbing precise environmental conditions. The wait is finally over. LabStrong has unveiled the revolutionary Helix Model 150BLR that can be used within a 37°C CO2 incubator and controlled externally via remote control! LabStrong has also added the Helix 150 and 150BL Models of open air orbital shakers to their product offerings. The Helix Orbital Shakers are designed for biological, chemical, liquid mixing and cell cultivation in an array of laboratory settings.

The Helix 150 comes equipped with a brushed motor that provides a more economical alternative with smooth motion. The 150BL and 150BLR come with a long lasting brushless DC motor that provides silent operation and consistent shaking speed independent of the load or power supply fluctuations. Operation is controlled using easy to turn rotary dials. Timer and speed are indicated on discrete LED displays.

A number of accessories are available for the Helix. These include the patent pending EZ-Clamp™ system, non-slip mats and test tube racks. The EZ-Clamps have revolutionized the way end users view flask and test tube rack clamps. Before, many people found clamps difficult and time consuming to attach to the shaker platform. Now, all you have to do is place the EZ-Clamp on the platform and align it into the platform holes. The magnetic EZ-Clamp does the rest!