Hoefer Inc. has announced the introduction of the NEW Improved MacroVue™ UV-25 Variable Intensity Transilluminator.

The NEW MacroVue™ UV-25 Variable Intensity Transilluminator can now be adjusted from 0 to 9,000µW/cm² covering a larger range of preparartive and analytical applications.

The six 8 Watt 302 nm lamps insure uniform illumination of the 21 x 26cm viewing area. A hinged clear UV safety cover minimizes personnel exposure to UV rays from the lamps.

The MacroVue™ UV-25 is compact and lightweight yet robust and made to endure years of laboratory use.

Optional shortwave 8 Watt 254 nm lamps are also available to change illumination from 302 nm to 254nm for irradiating samples.


  • Illuminated Area 21 x 26 cm
  • Six 8 W, 302 nm UV (included)
  • Variable Intensity 0 to 9,000µW/cm²
  • Hinged Clear UV-Blocking Safety Cover
  • Lightweight with Small Footprint
  • CE marked
  • Universal Voltage

The MacroVue™ UV-25 Variable Tranilluminator comes equipped with a universal power supply, large viewing area 21 x 26 cm, and hinged cover clear UV safety cover and makes it a great addition to any molecular biology or biochemistry laboratory.