Hudson Robotics announces the VaryVac™, a robotically-controlled vacuum nest for filter plates. Used in DNA prep, protein purification, solid-phase separations and other microplate-based filtration, VaryVac has a unique combination of automated lid opening and sealing, precise closed loop control of programmable vacuum levels, as well as an on-board computer that controls and monitors vacuum ramp-up, hold level, and ramp down.

It can be set to notify the user or robot system if a desired threshold vacuum level is not obtained, such as from a damage plate rim or other causes of an incomplete vacuum seal. Users can completely avoid wasted or incomplete vacuum operations, saving thousands of dollars in valuable sample.

Powered by Hudson Robotic’s Softlinx software, VaryVac can be loaded and operated manually, but is also compatible with robot loading systems from most manufacturers, including Hudson’s own PlateCrane EX®.

It can also be used in-line with Hudson’s Lablinx® high-throughput track system for unparalleled high-throughput and ease-of-use.