The Pico200 is an advanced, yet simplified, spectrophotometer that utilizes a unique patented design allowing UV/Vis measurements to be taken directly through a specialized pipette (UVpette) tip. Because of this, there is no risk of cross-contamination, no risk of sample evaporation, no dilution, no cleaning – and one hundred percent (100%) sample recovery.

The simplified operation of the Pico200 involves only aspirating 2µl of sample into the UVpette tip, and placing the entire pipette into the holder for analysis – the sample never leaves the tip!

Pico200’s microliter UV/Vis spectrophotometry is perfect for DNA, RNA, and other nucleic acid concentration measurements, as well as kinetics concentration measurements (set time delay and duration measurements), protein concentration measurements (including Bradford, Lowry, Lysozyme, and IgG), and dye concentration measurements for microarray work.

The intuitive software featured by the Pico200 is specifically designed for life science applications, and ispreconfigured for DNA, RNA concentrations, as well as protein assays and cell density measurements. Results are displayed numerically as well as in a graphical representation that allows users to view the spectral curve across the entire spectrum. Utilize your results through optional built-in printer, SD card, or Bluetooth device.