Whatever you need to measure, wherever you need to measure it, nothing else measures up to genuine Agilent GC performance. And now you can take it anywhere.

The Agilent 490 Micro GC delivers lab-quality separations in an ultra-compact, portable instrument. You get the results you need in seconds—for faster, better decision making and more confident process control.

  • Rugged, compact, and portable—engineered to deliver lab-quality GC performance in the field, on the production line, or wherever you need fast accurate GC measurements.
  • Pre-configured and factory-tested to ensure fast, accurate on-line gas analysis at ppm-level sensitivity.
  • Up to four user-installable plug-and-play GC channels for quick, on-site setup for new applications.
  • Extensive remote control and I/O capability for seamless integration with existing operations and reliable unattended operation.

The genuine “measure anywhere” GC for production and research applications

  • Natural gas/calorific value determination
  • Analysis of simple to complex refinery gases
  • Oil/gas exploration, mud logging
  • Analysis and quality control of specialty gases
  • Biogas analysis and monitoring
  • Assessing efficiency of catalysts, fuel cell stacks
  • Air monitoring