Saves Space, Utilities and Money

LANCER’s 1300 LX glassware washer uses less than two linear feet of wall space and 33% less total foot print than the comparable competitor models, saving valuable lab space while providing equal usable capacity. Additionally, the 1300 LX costs up to 40% less on the initial washer investment. Full width racks and 3 independent adjustable levels provide the flexibility to easily wash on 1-3 levels with chamber configuration specific to the wash load.

The 1300 LX glassware washer is microprocessor controlled with up to 42 programs, has an ergonomic, top-loading chemical storage compartment, liquid level detectors, and two peristaltic pumps for accurate chemical dosing. A drop down door provides a loading platform and eliminates the need for a loading cart. The 1300 LX glassware washer provides significant water conservation resulting in valuable operating cost savings, using 14-16 liters per fill which is far less then the competitive models at up to 30 liters per fill.

Many options and accessories are available to provide the best cleaning solution for your specific application.

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