St. Joseph, Mich.—The Citius LC-HRT represents a substantive innovation in High Performance Mass Spectrometers for the LCMS market. The system utilizes LECO’s Folded Flight Path™ (FFP™) technology to provide full-range mass spectra at speeds of up to 200 spectra per second, and resolutions of up to 100,000 with high-performance mass accuracy. The system provides the versatility of ESI, APCI, and DESI (desorption electrospray) ionization sources as options to complement its high-performance MS capabilities and unchallenged dynamic range.

“The Citius LC-HRT system provides high integrity, high information-content mass-spectral performance, with the data analysis tools our customers have come to expect from LECO,” said Jeff Patrick, Separation Science Product Specialist, LECO Corporation. “LECO is very pleased to offer an LC-TOFMS package that requires no compromise in speed, resolution, mass accuracy, or dynamic range.”