COLUMBIA, Md., May 9, 2011 — Shimadzu has integrated an optional low-pressure gradient (LPGE) unit to its Nexera ultra high-performance liquid chromatograph, allowing users to switch automatically between four mobile phases with respective solvent delivery units.

By adding the LPGE unit, a 130 MPa high-pressure resistant gradient system can be configured with a single solvent delivery unit, which helps reduce running costs. Because there is no need to premix the mobile phase, laboratories can save money on solvents.

Nexera can automatically switch columns when combined with the 130 MPa high-pressure flow-line selection valve. Automatic method switching is assured with the system’s automatic purging and baseline check functions. This results in a single system capable of optimizing method development and continuous analysis under multiple conditions.

Due to its high solvent delivery performance, Nexera features excellent retention time repeatability, and it can be configured as either an LPGE system for convenience and cost considerations or a high-pressure gradient system for optimal UHPLC performance.