Uniqsis Ltd and Cambridge Reactor Design Ltd (CRD), both based near Cambridge, England, are collaborating in the commercialisation of an advanced cooling system for continuous flow reactors used in flow chemistry. Known as the FlowSyn Polar Bearä, the new system enables controlled mixing and cooling of reagents at temperatures down to -88°C.

The high performance Polar Bearä chiller module was developed in conjunction with the Ley Group (Innovative Technology Centre), Cambridge, England, and is specifically intended for flow chemistry applications. Designed as a fully integrated plug-and-play module, the Polar Bearä uses advanced cooling technology without the need for solid CO2, solvents or heat transfer fluids to deliver rapid cooling down to -88°C at the simple touch of a button. When partnered with the Uniqsis FlowSyn continuous flow reactor, it becomes the perfect tool for rapid pre-cooling of reagents and controlled mixing and cooling of reagents in highly exothermic flow chemistry reactions.

Solutions for cooling flow chemistry reactions below -70°C have historically been cumbersome and inconvenient, involving pressurised gas cylinders and/or heat exchangers. With its fully integrated plug-and-play design, the Polar Bearä is both easy to install and simple to operate, as well as providing superb cooling performance. Comments Paul Pergande, Group MD of Uniqsis: “We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with CRD on the commercialisation of this important new product. With their expertise in product development for the chemical industry, CRD are in an excellent position to partner us in our mission to broaden the capability and applications of FlowSyn. We are already working with them on commercialising a second product which will be released in the coming weeks - a new gas module which will deliver a gas-saturated solvent input to the FlowSyn flow reactor.”

Dr Bashir Harji, founder and MD of CRD, observes: “As a company we always relish the challenge of developing solutions for difficult applications, so when Uniqsis approached us with the need for advanced cooling technology for their FlowSyn system, we were delighted to be able to work with them.”

The Polar Bearä module is compatible with all FlowSyn coil reactors and mixer blocks and works in combination with and can be controlled by any FlowSyn system. For example, when combined with FlowSyn Auto-LF, series of combinatorial experiments, each at a different sub-ambient temperature, can automatically be performed in sequence.

The Polar Bearä is available as a standalone chiller unit with its own control unit or integrated with FlowSyn to make up the FlowSyn Polar Bearä system. Both options are available from Uniqsis who will be selling and supporting the FlowSyn Polar Bearä through its offices in the UK and USA and through its international distribution network.