Quantachrome offers a new 0.1 torr transducer XR option for its top-of-the-line surface area and pore size analyzer for extended-range low pressure capability and extra resolution to meet the demands of state-of-the-art nanoporous materials research.

Quantachrome's Autosorb-iQ series of gas sorption analyzers has, since its introduction in March 2010, already re-defined gas sorption for porous materials characterization with its dual sample capability of the iQ2 version, ie the ability to analyze two microporous samples simultaneously, a coolant dewar that can hold liquid nitrogen 90 or more hours (standard on all models), turbo-pumped sample preparation as standard on the MP version, software that can control up to four instruments, hybrid flow and static chemisorption on the C-TCD version, and many configurable options - including vapor dosing capability. This latest option extends the low pressure physisorption capability of MP and C versions by a factor of 10, down to the 10E-8 relative pressure range for nitrogen adsorption at liquid nitrogen temperature, by incorporating a 0.1 torr pressure transducer in place of the standard 1 torr lowest range transducer (these models retain the additional 10 and 1000 torr transducers required for higher pressure measurements). The dual sample iQ2 model is offered with dual 0.1 torr transducers, one for each sample manifold, to maintain its simultaneous measurement capability across all pressure ranges. The 0.1 torr transducer is internally heated for improved stability and reproducibility. The sensitivity and resolution of the new optional 0.1 torr transducer is ten times that of the standard 1 torr transducer at relative pressures below 1 x 10E-4 P/Po. This benefits, for example, those researchers working with specially synthesized nano- and microporous materials often only available in very small quantities. The Autosorb-iQ's metal O-rings and metal gasket seals in critical measurements zones assure its ability to measure reproducibly in the extended low pressure range. Upgrade kits are available to users of existing Autosorb-iQ's.