The Benchtop™ K Series of Manifold Freeze Dryers from SP Scientific are designed for laboratories looking for compactness and ease of use without compromising performance.

The Benchtop K Series brings fast and efficient freeze drying within the budget of almost any laboratory. Ease of use is ensured by one button start-up that activates all operating parameters in the correct sequence. All Benchtop K Series Freeze Dryers employ environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigeration systems.

BenchTop K Series Freeze Dryers are offered in a range of condenser temperatures from -55ºC to -105ºC. This wide range of condenser temperatures provides the drying power required to freeze dry all aqueous and most organic based samples. Condenser sizes range from 3 to 9 litres, allowing for processing of a few samples or multiple user applications. A wide selection of accessories allows any shape or size sample container to be processed. Each unit is equipped with the Sentry 2.0 user-friendly control system which can be operated both manually and automatically, making BenchTop K Series Freeze Dryers extremely efficient and easy to operate. Powerful workstation software provides complete data collection and historical trending of your freeze drying cycles.