COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 19, 2011) – Building on our fifty-year commitment of providing technology leading solutions to the field of materials characterization, METTLER TOLEDO introduces a revolutionary instrument that expands the boundaries of thermal analysis—the Flash Differential Scanning Calorimeter (FDSC).

The Flash DSC 1 has extremely high cooling (-4,000 ºC/sec) and heating (40,000 ºC/sec) rates which allow scientists to study crystallization and reorganization processes of materials that were not possible until now. It also offers a wide temperature range from -95 ºC to 450 ºC in one measurement, along with an ergonomic design that simply and safely facilitates daily work.
These revolutionary features enable scientists to uncover information that was previously hidden about their materials and gain new insights into crystallization and reorganization processes.

For years, conventional DSC instruments have struggled to answer many questions pertaining to the behavior of materials while being rapidly cooled in modern high-speed production processes. The Flash DSC 1 opens the door to the wider experimental parameters required to investigate the meta-stable and time-dependent transitions of materials. Very fast cooling and heating rates allow researchers to generate material under real process conditions (on cooling) and then measure those material properties (on heating) to gain a never before seen perspective.