The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer; System represents a dramatic step forward in flow cytometry and cell analysis. The C6 provides the capabilities of the best selling flow cytometers but costs several times less.

How did we do this? Download our white paper and learn how we developed a flow cytometer from the ground up. Our goal was to make it easier to use, easier to maintain, and easier to afford compared to other flow cytometers. That meant developing new and simpler solutions for fluidics, optics and electronics.

Instead of bulky fluidics carts, the C6 uses four small non-pressurized fluid tanks for sheath, waste, cleaner and decontamination solution, all sitting neatly beside the instrument.

Most conventional flow cytometers contain large optics tables composed of numerous lenses, filters, beam splitters and mirrors, each aligned in a precise manner to get optimum results. By comparison, the unique optics design on the C6 uses fixed alignment, multi-section focusing and gross collection lenses to replace the typical flow cytometer lens and filter assemblies, eliminating the need for dichroic mirrors. Photomultiplier modules are clustered in a pie-shaped design around the flow cell to maximize light collection and reduce alignment issues.

Accuri's innovations in electronic design resulted in a flow cytometer with a greater dynamic range than the Beckman Coulter Cytomics FC500, incorporating state-of-the-art 24 bit digital processing and sophisticated electronic filtering. The result is an instrument with over 7 decades of dynamic range, a first in flow cytometry history.