Counting cells with a hemocytometer is tedious and time-consuming, giving often-varying results. The TC10 cell counter is truly automated, providing total count of mammalian cells and live/dead cells ratio in one simple step. Cell counting accuracy is comparable to that obtained with a manual hemocytometer when counting cells 6–50 µm in diameter within the ranges of 5 x 10 4 – 1 x 10 7 cells/ml. Its innovative autofocus technology and sophisticated image analysis algorithm produce accurate, consistent cells counts within 30 seconds. 

  • Get counts right away — Quick installation and simple operation let you quickly and easily start counting cells 
  • Choose what you count — Determine total cell count and use optional trypan blue dye to assess cell viability 
  • Trust your counts — Innovative autofocus feature increases accuracy and saves time by eliminating manual focusing 
  • Conserve precious cells — Counting slides require only 10 µl of suspended cells 
  • Save time and money — Get more consistent and reproducible results from your downstream experiments