New NeoFox Sport system to provide improved flexibility in oxygen sensing

Dunedin, Florida (May 26, 2011) – The Sensors Division of Ocean Optics is introducing a new member to its NeoFox family of optical oxygen sensors, NeoFox Sport. This portable, handheld optical oxygen sensor is designed specifically for measuring dissolved and gaseous oxygen pressure in a multitude of media.

NeoFox Sport’s sensor makes use of a proprietary sol-gel coating that is embedded with an oxygen indicator that can be applied to patches or probes. These coating formulations are available for general laboratory use, high-sensitivity applications and hydrocarbon-rich sample environments.

Additionally, the NeoFox Sport’s unique design make it a truly handheld, portable and simple-to-use tool for the lab, field and in industrial environments.

NeoFox Sport features microprocessor-based electronics, onboard data logging a simplified data display and USB, Analog and RS-232 connectivity for interfacing with a PC.

Monde Qhobosheane, PhD is Ocean Optics’ Sensor Division Lead. He states, “This is an exciting time for chemical sensing advances. With this new platform, NeoFox Sport allows improved flexibility and leaves the door open to future developments with pH sensing modules and more.”