Tandem Quadrupole MS Detector for Routine Analysis Gives Laboratories Maximum Productivity With Minimum Effort

Denver, CO - June 6, 2011
Waters Corporation today introduced its new Xevo® TQD tandem quadrupole mass detector, bringing the Waters® design philosophy of Engineered Simplicity™ to routine quantitative LC/MS/MS analysis.

The newest addition to the Waters Xevo family of tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers, the Xevo TQD features the universal ion source architecture present on advanced mass spectrometers such as the Xevo TQ-S and the new SYNAPT® G2-S. Now laboratories with plans to expand their services and capabilities can take advantage of the superior robustness of ZSpray™ and access the greatest variety of ionization modes today and in the future.

Automated quantification workflow tools, included as standard with the Xevo TQD, minimize variability between departments, between laboratories, and between operators. From beginning to end, the Xevo TQD simplifies the process of target compound quantification across the widest range of applications.

”Our customers work in laboratories that rely heavily on LC/MS/MS. As businesses, they have project deadlines to meet and clients to please. So we’ve tried to address the need for reliability and ease of use which we know is incredibly important to them,” said Keith Worrall, Senior Product Manager, Tandem Quadrupole MS, Waters Division. “The Xevo TQD addresses these needs and then some.”

The Xevo TQD also features RADAR™ technology. Unique to the Waters Xevo tandem quadrupole family of instrumentation, RADAR technology is an information-rich data acquisition approach that allows scientists to monitor for matrix interferences, metabolites, impurities, and degradants in their samples while accurately quantifying their target compounds. This is done by collecting data in both MRM and full scan modes simultaneously. In addition, RADAR technology acquires all detectable ions in both positive and negative full scan MS, arming scientists with a depth of knowledge about their sample not previously obtainable from a traditional quantitative assay.

A perfect partner to the Waters ACQUITY UPLC® System, the Xevo TQD incorporates T-Wave™ collision cell technology, enabling data acquisition at fast sampling rates and true compatibility with the narrowest of chromatographic peak widths. Rapid polarity switching means one can analyze acidic and basic compounds in a single analytical run. This ensures that results aren’t compromised when performing high throughput quantitative measurement of large numbers of compounds

The Xevo TQD joins Waters Xevo TQ MS and Xevo TQ-S as a member of Waters growing family of Xevo tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers, enabling our customers to consistently generate the highest quality quantitative LC/MS/MS data across their organizations and make even better decisions with their data.