Get needed rotorvap capacity and evaporation flexibility

Increase the evaporation capacity of your lab by moving the time-consuming and tedious 20 mL vial drying jobs off the rotorvaps. The Centrifan PE Personal Evaporator dries six 20 mL vials at once, off-loading this finishing step from your rotorvap resource. Also, realize new-found flexibility and convenience when drying a single 20mL vial by just closing a lid instead of having to deal with vacuum pumps and water baths.

The inexpensive evaporator/condenser can withstand years of labwork with no operator monitoring of samples and virtually no maintenance. It is a simple, green chemistry tool to dry lab-scale samples and condense the evaporated solvent. The high vapor recovery allows choosing the Centrifan PE when the condensate is the final product!

  • Simple, robust and safe for users and samples
  • Easy-to-use and low cost of operation
  • Much less expensive than typical vacuum concentrators
  • Replaces polluting nitrogen blow-down set-ups
  • No vacuum pump or continuous supply of gas required
  • Uses 20 mL scintillation and other common vials
  • Works with all solvents; especially well with high boilers (water, DMF, DMSO)

The Centrifan PE is easy to use and even the cold trap is hassle-free if you cool with a frozen water bottle. It makes no noise and takes up very little bench space. It can be used in a cold room to dry heat sensitive compounds and it can be purged with nitrogen or argon for oxygen-free drying. Bleeding inert dry gas into the PE will also drive down the final solvent content in the sample below that achievable by the cold trap alone.

The Centrifan PE uses self-generated blow-down technology to dry samples in standard vials. Fan blades integrated with the rotor generate the gas flow. A portion of the gas flow is continuously diverted through the cold trap to condense and recover the evaporated solvent.