BINDER CB series incubators provide excellent growth conditions for mammalian cell and tissue cultures, offering precise, reproducible control of oxygen concentrations as low as 0.2% and quick recovery times, important factors in conducting research under hypoxic conditions.

Models CB 53, 150 and 210 (model numbers refer to chamber volume in liters) allow sample access via optional small internal doors (four on the 53 and 150, six on the 210) that, in addition to maintaining steady CO2 and O2 levels and accelerating recovery, minimize the risk of contamination.

The incubators feature as standard a 180 °C hot-air cycle that provides true sterilization. Interior walls stay dry through controlled humidification with a defined condensation point, and chamber preheating with the VENTAIR™ air jacket provides homogeneous temperature distribution.

A seamless, deep-drawn interior features an integrated shelf-support system for easy cleaning. Single-beam infrared sensor measures and controls CO2 in real-time, independent of other gasses and humidity, and provides stable pH values for optimum, uniform cell growth throughout the entire chamber. CO2 is introduced into the chamber via a patented gas-mixing valve, which eliminates the need for an interior fan and the costly filters they require.

BINDER Gas Supply Service is a separate external changer that enables the connection of two tanks, either CO2 or N2, and that provides audible and visual alarms and potential-free alarm output.