(Dubuque, IA) June 21, 2011— Using automated technologies to perform precise experiments has become a very popular trend in the laboratory industry in recent years. Not only does automated equipment increase the productivity of the researcher, but it also ensures repeatable results. Because automation is highly desired by researchers, LabStrong Corporation has added their automated AccuStop technology to their revolutionary Helix 250 Orbital Shaker.

Researchers across the country have found the AccuStop feature to be very innovative and are ecstatic about how greatly it improves their processes. Engaging this feature on the shaker ensures that when the shaker is paused, the platform/tray will stop in the Home Location. The Home Location is a location where the platform/tray will start and stop when the AccuStop feature is engaged. As a result, researchers have been able to increase the quality of their experimental data, reduce their lab experimentation time, and ensure that sensitive experiments are carried out identically, every time, without discrepancies. In addition to the AccuStop feature, you can now program the Helix 250 via RS232 connection.