20 June 2011; Cambridge, UK: Busy laboratory environments require a microplate reader with the flexibility to cover many assay types, and software that delivers fast, reliable analysis. With this in mind, Biochrom are offering a free software upgrade from ADAP 2.0 Basic to ADAP 2.0 Plus with purchases of the EZ Read 400 research reader until 30 September 2011.

The Biochrom EZ Read 400 research reader is a robust and reliable microplate reader with eight pre-installed filters covering the most common laboratory assays. These include: ELISA (405, 450 and 492 nm), protein (562, 595 and 650 nm), and cell proliferation (570 and 620 nm) assays. The EZ Read 400 connects to any PC via a USB port.

ADAP 2.0, a new software release from Biochrom, offers the user a more intuitive way of interfacing with Biochrom microplate readers, and is compatible with Windows 7 as well as older Microsoft Operating Systems. ADAP 2.0 Basic is supplied as standard and is used to remotely control the reader for basic endpoint, kinetic and multi-wavelength measurements with easy export to MS Excel. ADAP Plus 2.0 allows the user to configure the placement of controls, standards and samples on the plate layout. These can then be used to calculate quality control formulas, cut-off values and standard curves using linear regression, cubic spline, point to point and 4-parameter fit algorithms for immediate results following microplate measurement.