Biohit Inc. has introduced a NEW eLINE Pipette with a range from 0.1 µl to 5 µl and Super Pipetting feature.

  • Facing problems in small volume pipetting?
  • Not getting all the liquid out of the tip?
  • Struggling with the cross-contamination problems?

These problems usually occur in applications such as PCR and Microwell dispensing.

The solution is the new member of the Biohit eLINE single-channel family:

eLINE 0.1 – 5 µl with patented Super Pipetting (SP) feature includes:

Extremely rapid piston movement allows complete emptying of the tip, making it possible to dispense the very small volumes from the air which is not possible with the regular pipettes.

Pipetting small volumes against receiving vessel wall or under the liquid surface to get all liquid out of the tip causes contamination risk, decreased precision, and slow pipetting work. Usually contaminations can be avoided by changing the tip between dispensing, but with the eLINE 0.1 - 5 µl dispensing from the air enables continuous work with the same tip as there’s no need to touch the vessel or liquid!

With Super Pipetting feature it’s possible to get the dispensed volume inside e.g. the microplate well when the problem is the electricity of the microplate causing the drop stick to the surface of the well.