Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced the ZORBAX RRHD 300SB-C18 1.8 micron column for UHPLC systems. It is a silica reversed-phase column that can be used for higher-order reversed-phase characterization of intact proteins and protein digests. 
“Researchers are increasingly looking to UHPLC to achieve faster, high-confidence results,” said Linda Lloyd, Agilent biocolumns product manager. “With these new rapid-resolution, high-definition columns, researchers can now take full advantage of the latest technology, including the 1260 bio-inert HPLC and the 1200-bar capability of the Agilent 1290 Infinity UHPLC. The column extends Agilent’s portfolio of tools for protein primary structure analysis.” 
The new columns are packed with ZORBAX StableBond stationary phase, providing high stability down to pH 1, permitting use of trifluoroacetic acid and formic acid eluents with confidence. The columns are stable up to 90 C, without compromising durability.