Advanced Instruments to Host Guest Speaker Dr. Robert Jerris to Discuss  the Value the Anoxomat System Brings to his Laboratory

Advanced Instruments—a leading developer of scientific and analytical instruments for the clinical, biopharmaceutical, and food-and-beverage industries—will feature the distinguished Dr. Robert Jerris at ASM Microbe 2018 on Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 10:30am in booth 1610. Dr. Jerris will speak about the value the Anoxomat system brings to his laboratory at the Scottish Rite and Egleston Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Dr. Jerris will detail how his lab uses the Anoxomat system to get faster results and to reduce laboratory and hospital costs. With laboratories eager to accurately identify bacteria, reduce costs, and operate in limited workspaces, the Anoxomat system is an excellent alternative to conventional methods, such as anaerobic gas chambers and gas generating sachet systems. These methods can be resource-intensive, error-prone, and cumbersome to handle. The Anoxomat system, with its line of high-quality anaerobic jars, allows laboratories to improve workflow, increase productivity, and save on operational costs. The system’s capacity can be updated and expanded at any time, according to your laboratory’s needs.

 “Dr. Jerris is a great example of the practical benefits the Anoxomat system brings to laboratories. His experience in particular speaks to the solutions we bring to traditional pain points in the microbiology lab. When labs start using the Anoxomat system, they recover more anaerobes, which expedites their identification and the reporting of results,” said Sindy Abdallah, Product Manager for the Anoxomat system.

The Anoxomat III is an easy-to-use bacterial cultivation system that provides microbiology laboratories with better quality recovery in less time. The Anoxomat system differentiates itself from other methods through its ability to create anaerobic, microaerophilic, and custom environments - such as capnophilic - within a few minutes. The quality control process checks the jar(s) to ensure it isn't leaking and that the catalyst is working and provides the end user with documentation that the jar is under the appropriate environment before the incubation starts. Overall, laboratories using the Anoxomat system experience shorter test times, improved workflows, and reduced costs.