07 July 2011; Cambridge, UK: Biochrom has extended its microplate reader portfolio with the addition of the new EZ Read 400 Flexi Reader. Designed to deliver high quality absorbance measurements and accommodate specialized applications, this new reader offers impressive technical specifications at an affordable price. Customers can select up to four filters of any wavelength from 400 nm to 750 nm, in addition to four standard ELISA filters of 405, 450, 492 and 620 nm. All installed filters are verified at the company’s Cambridge, UK, manufacturing facility for maximum confidence in performance.  
The EZ Read Flexi Reader is PC-controlled using Biochrom’s easy to use ADAP 2.0 Software. ADAP 2.0 Basic software is supplied as standard providing straightforward control for endpoint, kinetic and multiwavelength measurements, as well as easy export into Microsoft Excel. For more sophisticated applications, optional ADAP 2.0 Plus software allows users to quickly and easily design methods for instant data analysis using standard curves or cut-offs.