JM Science is proud to announce the New AQUACOUNTER® AQL-2320 Automated Oil Evaporator Karl Fischer Titration System. This system has been designed for analyzing moisture in difficult samples like oil, grease, peanut butter, paint, resins, bonding agents etc. Using an azeotropic distillation solvent like toluene or xylene, moisture can be evaporated at a lower temperature thus saving on expensive Karl Fisher reagents and lower maintenance costs since the titration cell remains clean and free of contaminants. Heat samples up to 200ºC. and automate the addition of the azeotropic solvent easily. The sample tray can hold 20 samples and the operator can even automate the exchange of Karl Fisher reagents. Simply load the sample try and push “start” thus saving time and money. Low operating costs and very attractive pricing make this a must-have system for any lab working with difficult sample.