The Genevac Rocket™ Evaporator is a powerful tool proven to accelerate traditionally difficult and time consuming chiral separation and natural product sample preparation tasks.

The Genevac Rocket Evaporator is widely used by researchers seeking to extract functional molecules from natural sources. Typically investigations involve a primary solvent extraction of natural products that result in a large volume of crude extract. The crude extract is then often concentrated before being fractionated to isolate each component. The time consuming concentration task has been revolutionised by the unique large volume parallel processing capabilities of the ROCKET evaporator. The process of natural product fractionation typically produces many samples from a single extract. These samples need then to be evaporated before storage or analysis.

In recent years there has also been considerable interest in the synthesis and separation of enantiomers of organic compounds especially because of their importance in the natural products, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Frequently the methods used for the separations, for monitoring the progress of an asymmetric synthesis or optical purity are chromatographic. In preparative syntheses the chiral analytes of interest are typically separated in large volumes of solvent. Often concentration or drying of these samples using a rotary evaporator is both time consuming and may risk thermal degradation of valuable separated chiral products.

Benefiting from a patented low temperature, low pressure steam heating technology - the Rocket Evaporator is uniquely able to achieve the dual goals of very fast evaporation with very precise temperature control thereby accelerating the safe production of chiral separation samples. Able to dry or concentrate as many as six large volume flasks or 18 ASE tubes simultaneously - the Rocket Evaporator is fast, safe and provides excellent recoveries of even the most volatile analytes. In addition Genevac's patented Dri-Pure® technology prevents solvent bumping and cross contamination inherent with rotary evaporator and other vacuum evaporation systems.